‘Speak Up, Please,’ When At Township Meetings

'Speak Up, Please,' When At A Township Meeting

NOT A BOTTLE TOP. NOT A FLYING SAUCER – Those wire-tethered and disc-like devices that sit atop conference tables in the meeting room of the Lower Pottsgrove Municipal Building, 2199 Buchert Rd., are not proof that alien life has visited the township. Instead, the three units placed along the U-shaped arrangement of tables are omni-directional microphones connected to a recording device operated by Secretary Michele Cappelletti. The Board of Commissioners began recording township meetings several months ago to ensure accuracy of its minutes. Board President Bruce Foltz, as he did when commissioners convened Thursday (July 24, 2014), now reminds all in the room at the start of their proceedings that recording is in progress. Each visitor or commenter is asked to state his or her full name and address so they can be included in the record. The recordings are erased once board minutes from which they were written are approved, township Solicitor Robert Brant said.

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