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On Bleim Road, Caught Doing 71 In A 35-Mph Zone

SANATOGA PA – The often hilly, sometimes curvy course of Lower Pottsgrove’s Bleim Road attracts its share of hot drivers in fast cars. While traveling its 2-3/4-mile length across the northern portion of the township, they envision themselves burning up the track at Le Mans in France, or cruising the German Autobahn.

After Tests, Police File Charges In Sanatoga AccidentFor safety’s sake, most never act on those impulses … except, Police Chief Michael Foltz reported last week, characters like the one who his officers recently clocked at a speed of 71 mph in a 35-mph zone.

That twice-the-limit speeder, who was not identified by name, was the most egregious among violators caught during two days (July 23 and 25, 2014) of the police department’s Pennsylvania Aggressive Driver enforcement detail, Foltz told the Board of Commissioners at its meeting Monday (Aug. 4) meeting. A total of six officers, whose 27 hours of work were paid for by the state, issued 70 separate citations, the chief said.

Their efforts capped what was an overall busy month of highway enforcement, according to Foltz’s report.

About two weeks earlier, on July 11, Lower Pottsgrove and the Pottstown Area DUI Task Force operated a six-hour driving under the influence checkpoint in the 3000 block of East High Street.

In all, they encountered 791 drivers and issued nine inspection citations, four for expired registrations, two for inadequate child restrain systems, one for an unlicensed driver, one for illegal backing, and two for DUI. Six additional drivers were field tested for DUI, but were released because their blood alcohol content was within acceptable limits.

During July, Foltz also noted, 11 citations were issued for violations in the construction zone on U.S. Route 422.

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