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School Lane Closures Planned; Drivers, Be Wary

POTTSTOWN PA – Reconstruction of Pottsgrove High School will result in re-routing some vehicular traffic around the Kauffman Road building during the academic year, Principal Dr. Bill Ziegler said Thursday (Aug. 14, 2014).

Pottsgrove School Lane Closures Planned

Some areas around Pottsgrove High School have already been cleared by contractors, as seen in this photo posted Aug. 12 by Principal Bill Ziegler

Student drivers who park their cars at the high school lots, parents who drop off and pick up students, and buses conducting drop offs and pick ups all are affected, Ziegler said in an e-mail.

Perhaps the most significant change will be limitations on using School Lane, which runs from Kauffman Road west, around the high school complex, and ends at North Charlotte Street. Buses will drop off and pick up students at the school’s north entrance on School Lane. That means the lane will be closed to all other traffic:

  • Monday through Friday mornings from 7-7:35;
  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons from 1:55-2:30; and
  • Wednesday afternoons from 1:25-2.

The school’s south parking lot, normally used by students, will be accessible only from Kauffman Road. Students may park in the lot by permit only; those will be issued during the first week of school, Ziegler said. Because the football stadium side of the high school will be inaccessible, there will be no way to circle the building.

All parent pick-ups and drop-offs must occur at the school’s main entrance, at the circular drive and lot off School Lane, adjacent to the district office.

Those who drop students off at the entrance should do so quickly and continue moving to make room for other drivers, Ziegler added. Those picking up should line along the curb out past the office. Parents must exit by turning right onto School Lane and then in either direction onto Kauffman Road.

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Photo from the Pottsgrove School District

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