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‘Grove Help On Way For Keystone Exam Students

POTTSTOWN PA – Parents whose children fared poorly on Keystone Exams taken last year at Pottsgrove High and Middle schools should expect to receive a letter by Monday (Sept. 8, 2014) that describes assistance the school district plans to provide so those students perform better on make-up tests, according to Superintendent Shellie Feola.

'Grove Help On Way For Keystone Exam Students

Superintendent Shellie Feola talks about Keystone Exam interventions with school directors

In comments last Tuesday (Aug. 26) to the Board of School Directors, Feola acknowledged concerns parents raised last month about ensuring their students received prompt remedial help to demonstrate proficiency in the exam material, which is a state requirement for graduation. Some parents complained they could have sought outside help during the summer, but did not receive adequate warning of low test scores from the district.

District Director of Education and Assessment Daniel Vorhis is creating the district’s “Keystone interventions,” as Feola called the assistance, “with the plans to be published in writing” on Pottsgrove’s website as letters go out to parents. There “will be plenty of time” for students to receive help before future test dates arrive, she assured audience members at the board meeting.

The district also is crafting a “Keystone FAQ,” or frequently-asked-questions paper, to ensure families new to the district are aware of the state requirements, Feola said.


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