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422 Speeders Ticketed Wednesday Near Stowe

STOWE PA – With law enforcement agencies and public officials anxious to control the dangerous speed and flow of traffic around the Armand Hammer Boulevard end of U.S. Route 422, two local police forces were busy Wednesday (Jan. 14, 2015) only a few miles away, near the Stowe end, cracking down on vehicles speeding through a construction zone there.

20140414-Latest-SpeedingTicketNorth Coventry Township patrol officers, working one side of the highway, and West Pottsgrove Township officers working the other, reportedly combined to issue speeders 19 citations and two warnings during their hours-long effort to promote safety and make drivers aware of the need to slow down.

Crews for Pennsylvania Department of Transportation contractor J.D. Eckman Inc. have narrowed or eliminated travel lanes, and posted speed limit reductions to 40 miles per hour, as they replace bridges and improve the highway ramps in both areas where 422 cross the Schuylkill River.

First responders arrived for a vehicle accident Tuesday (Jan. 13) morning on 422 westbound near the Armand Hammer Boulevard overpass

First responders arrive for a vehicle accident Tuesday (Jan. 13) morning on 422 westbound near the Armand Hammer Boulevard overpass

Both have been scenes of recent traffic accidents in which drivers or occupants were seriously injured or, in one incident, killed. Police report traffic through the zones is generally excessive by as much as 30 mph and occasionally more over the limit. Additionally, concrete barriers lining travel lanes are unforgiving if hit or snagged by a bumper or protruding chassis.

Traffic flow in some areas is further complicated by worn roadway markings and, increasingly, potholes caused by freezing weather upheavals, drivers said on social media outlets.

North Coventry and West Pottsgrove patrols expect they will continue to conduct periodic speed enforcement between 422’s Route 100 and Stowe interchanges. The Lower Pottsgrove Police Department, as its manpower and staffing problems are resolved, is anticipated to do the same between the Sanatoga and Route 724 interchanges, according to Chief Michael Foltz.

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