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Look, Up In The Sky! It’s The Park Mapper

SANATOGA PA – Engineers hope an eye in the sky will help solve persistent water drainage problems on the ground in Lower Pottsgrove’s most-used recreation area, Gerald Richards Park on Buchert Road.

lower pottsgrove township: Engineers Use Aerial Maps To Solve Park DrainageBursich Associates, the township engineering firm based in Sanatoga, said it recently hired an aerial mapping company to take images of the park and its fields from hundreds of feet up. When pieced together, the overhead photography is expected to offer a more complete view of what’s happening where with storm water run-off.

Drainage has been a problem at the 30-acre park for years. Because of its geography, water can form large ponds on its fields for several days at a time, rendering them unplayable until it evaporates or seeps into the soil. Even then, the turf can seem more like a marsh.

Bursich and the Lower Pottsgrove Parks and Recreation Board have worked intermittently for about a year to determine how best to dry out the fields. The aerial maps should provide more insight, the company said, in determining where drainage improvements can be made.

While that work progresses, the board continues to look for grants and government funding to pay for the implementing a final plan.

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