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Go Ahead, Invite Theft. Leave Your Car Unlocked

lower pottsgrove pa: Unlocked Cars Invite Invite Local Thefts

Leaving your car unlocked? Not the best idea, township police say

SANATOGA PA – Leaving your car doors unlocked, even if the vehicle is parked in your home driveway, just isn’t smart. Sadly, the Lower Pottsgrove Police Department reports, there’s been a rash of thefts from less-than-smart automobile owners so far this month.

Unidentified thieves hit several vehicles overnight June 11 and 12 (2015; Thursday and Friday) along Pinehurst Drive, Pebble Beach Lane, Augusta Drive, and Deer Ridge Drive, the department said on its Facebook page. Apparently they made off with a variety of items and valuables. In every case, the less-than-smart were losers.

“All cars that were victimized were left UNLOCKED,” the department said, adding its own capitalized emphasis on the last word.

These kinds of thefts happen too regularly, according to police, who said it was “that time of year again.” They are preventable, though, the department emphasized. It reminded all drivers and residents to “lock your vehicles when left unattended and secure all valuables somewhere other than in plain view inside your car.”

“Be alert to suspicious activity and report it immediately,” it also asked.

The incidents have caused police to increase its patrols in the affected neighborhoods, the department noted.

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