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New Postcard Scam Warning In Lower Pottsgrove

SANATOGA PA – In what’s being labeled as a new “scam” by Lower Pottsgrove administrators, township residents were warned Monday (June 22, 2015) to ignore, and not reply to, mailed postcards they may receive that announce a “water update.”

No such thing, the township reported on its Facebook page.

The bright yellow-colored cards (the message side is shown above; the address side below) bear a New Castle DE return address and are being mailed to specific individuals or “current residents.” They advise recipients that the sender has been “unable to contact” them by phone and asks, “Please contact us within the next 72 hours.” It lists a 302 area code phone number for a return call, and days and times on which calls can be received.

“This is a SCAM, do not reply to it. Do not leave any personal information,” the township urged on Facebook. It said several residents brought the card to its attention.

Post Managing Editor Joe Zlomek called the alleged water update scam phone number Tuesday morning (June 23) to obtain more information. He got put on hold automatically after a recorded message of three seconds, and never spoke to anyone.

Later during the day Tuesday, Police Chief Michael Foltz, also on Facebook, reported “the scam appears to have been attached to another region and we WILL NOT comment on, or speculate on, that incident.”

lower pottsgrove pa: New Postcard Scam Warning In Lower Pottsgrove

The mailing side of the same card

IRS Scam Continues In Royersford

Apparently there’s a lot of local scamming attempts going around, Royersford Borough Police added.

Residents in that borough are still being plagued by phone calls from probable thieves who purport to be from the Internal Revenue Service. They’re trying to trick those being called into giving them money, reportedly to pay back taxes and fines. The hoax has gone on for months, and the department has warned against it for just as long, but it issued a repeat earlier this month.

“This is still very much alive,” Royersford police said of the IRS scam on their Facebook page. “The IRS will never ask you for anything over the phone. If you receive ANYTHING asking for money, bring it to the Police Department and we will try to verify if it is legitimate or not. As stated in the past, do not give any personal info or account info to anyone over the phone or via mail.”

Photos from Lower Pottsgrove Township via Facebook

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