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After Budget, Humdrum Chores In Pottsgrove

POTTSTOWN PA – Although the tiny rise in Pottsgrove School District property taxes attracted most of the public attention when its Board of School Directors met this month, board members also were tasked with the annual, somewhat humdrum chores of deciding what other revenue they wanted to collect, and where to keep it safely salted away.

They continued without change during the 2015-2016 academic year what are known as “nuisance taxes,” small revenue generators that can amount to millions of extra dollars; designated the district’s official banks and tax collectors, and re-appointed the district solicitor. Here’s a list of post-budget clean-up decisions approved by directors during their June 16 meeting.

Continued and unchanged taxes were a:

  • One-percent tax on earned personal income;
  • Per capita tax of $5, levied on all Pottsgrove district residents age 18 or older;
  • Real estate transfer tax of 1 percent of a property’s purchase price; and
  • Mercantile tax charged to business owners, at a rate of 1 mill to wholesalers and 1-1/2 mills to retailers.

Appointed as depositories, where the district will keep its money:

  • Wells Fargo, Citizens, First Niagara, National Penn, and Fulton banks;
  • Tri-County Federal Credit Union;
  • Pennsylvania Local Government Investment Trust; and
  • Pennsylvania School District Liquid Asset Fund.

Named as tax collectors for:

  • Local services taxes, H.A. Berkheimer Associates, headquartered in Bangor PA, for Lower, Upper and West Pottsgrove townships;
  • Earned income tax, Berkheimer, at a fee of 1.35 percent;
  • Delinquent per capital taxes, Berkheimer, at fees permitted by law;
  • Mercantile taxes, Berkheimer, at a fee of 3 percent; and the
  • Real estate transfer tax, the Montgomery County (PA) Recorder of Deeds in Norristown, at fees established by law.

The law firm of Fox Rothschild was retained as solicitor, most often represented at board meetings by attorney Marc B. Davis, who is based in its Blue Bell office.

Directors also authorized Business Administrator to pay the district’s bills during July, and to prepare final transfers that will close out last year’s budget after its annual audit is completed. They also approved a calendar of board meeting dates for the coming year.

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