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Pottsgrove’s Gone Supply Shopping For 2015-2016

POTTSTOWN PA – Sports teams need equipment. Secretaries need office goods. Artists need paints and brushes. Nurses need almost everything to keep children healthy. Pottsgrove’s Board of School Directors can tell you it takes a lot more than just books to run a school district.

pottsgrove school district: Pottsgrove's Gone Supply Shopping For 2015-2016

Balls for almost every purpose

During the past two months (May and June 2015), directors have given their approval to spend about $230,062 on supplies and services that Pottsgrove’s five schools must have for regular operations during the 2015-2016 academic year.

In their supply shopping, board members accepted what were deemed by administrators as best prices, or where applicable “the lowest responsible” bids for these purchases. Those that were not cheapest, if any, were nonetheless recommended because their bid may have been most complete or best suited to the district’s needs.

Purchases were approved by board members for:

  • Fall athletic equipment and supplies (during their June 16, 2015, meeting) were bids totaling $29,737 from three vendors: Metuchen Center Inc. Garden State Apparel, $20,273; Riddell, $2,405; and BSN Sports, $7,059.
  • Supplies and paper (June 16, through the Montgomery County Intermediate Unit) were bids totaling $132,407 from unspecified vendors for general supplies, $40,196; art supplies, $34,120; medical supplies, $23,230; and paper $34,861.
  • Agreements for technology-related services (June 16, with the Montgomery County Intermediate Unit) totaling $37,419 for PowerSchool licenses and hosting, $22,622; Discovery Education Streaming Plus, $6,047; and Schoology learning management system, $8,750.
  • Agreement for Internet services (May 12, with the Montgomery County Intermediate Unit) totaling $27,954.
  • Agreement for employee management software (May 12, with CBIZ) for ACA Checkpoint Services, with an initial cost of $2,545 and an annually recurring cost of $1,050.

Renewal of the district food services contract with Chartwells also was authorized (May 12), but its total value was not stated.

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