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New Scams: Police Solicits; Mystery Shopper

LIMERICK PA – The scams just keep on coming.

In recent weeks western Montgomery County residents have been warned by local police departments of fraudulent schemes planned by thieves and con artists to separate the public from its money. There’s an IRS scam, which demands people pay alleged back taxes. There’s the Windows computer scam, which suggests owners pay money to fix software that’s working just fine. And now there are two more.

Officers at the Limerick Police Department, in a Tuesday (July 7, 2015) status update on its Facebook page, told readers to watch out for these:

Phone solicitations, allegedly from the Collegeville Police Department, asking for donations. No such fund-raiser is being conducted, the Limerick department said, and those who give to the cause will only be helping criminals. “No police department will do this,” it added.

Limerick acknowledged that some outside contractors or Fraternal Orders of Police will, on occasion, make solicitation calls. “Your best bet” in such circumstances, it said, “is to call the police department yourself and ask if it’s legitimate.”

Mystery shopper letters, bearing checks. Some area residents have received congratulations from a mystery shopper, announcing the recipients have won “a couple of thousand dollars,” according to the department.

Problem is, the so-called lucky winners must electronically send “a few hundred dollars to cover fees and taxes” to claim their prize. “The check looks very real, but your bank will call you in a few days after you deposit it and tell you it was fraudulent,” its update said. “A simple rule is to never give funds or credit card info in a transaction that you did not initiate.”

You know this next line, too.

“If it sounds too good to be true …”

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