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Is A New Rita’s Ice Headed Here?

SANATOGA PA – In this season of bright hot sun, higher humidity and sometimes unbearable stickiness, just the thought of slurping down a water ice treat can be enough to chill the swelter. In Lower Pottsgrove, there’s apparently more than just thinking about water ice these days.

Bursich Associates, the township-designated engineering firm, reported Monday (Aug. 3, 2015) to the Board of Commissioners that it met with property owners to discuss the possibility of their opening a Rita’s Italian Ice franchise at the corner of North Charlotte Street and School Lane.

The July 16 (Thursday) meeting was preliminary only and intended to answer questions about township approvals for such projects, and specifically about “the sewage planning process.” The owner proposes to connect to the public sewer nearby, Bursich indicated.

No property address was specified, although the location might assumedly be the southeast corner of the intersection once occupied by a former Dairy Queen and later by restaurants. No plans are drawn; no commitments made, either. It’s still just a thought.

A cooling one, though.

Related (to the Lower Pottsgrove Board of Commissioners’ Aug. 3 meeting:

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