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Sanatoga Postal Unit Depends On USPS

SANATOGA PA – The “post office” inside the soon-to-close Sanatoga Thriftway on East High Street will discontinue operations when the supermarket does, probably within the next few days. Whether a new one will open elsewhere is still to be determined, a United States Postal Service spokesman reported Thursday (Aug. 6, 2015).

“No decision has been made yet,” USPS corporate communications officer Ray V. Daiutolo Sr. said.

Among many customer laments expressed in the days since Thriftway’s announced closing, the anticipated loss of its in-store contract postal unit (that’s how the Postal Service identifies it) is frequently mentioned. It apparently ranks with the tastiness of the grocery’s baked goods, the friendliness of its departing employees, and the family feeling instilled there by the DeLorenzos, its owners.

“Does anybody know if they are going to move the post office to a new location?,” Dawn Baumeister asked Wednesday (Aug. 5) on Facebook. “The post office was really convenient,” a woman named Mabel said in another comment. “The loss of the USPS substation will certainly be an inconvenience,” added Jere Bricker.

If a new unit opens as a successor, it would happen because the Postal Service concludes that all those people who considered the Sanatoga postal unit a valuable asset actually used it as well.

Daiutolo explained the leadership of the district in which Thriftway is located will analyze its postal business records once the store closes. Officials will look at how much revenue Thriftway postal services generated. They will study the area’s needs and location.

Ultimately, Daiutolo indicated, USPS must make what amounts to a business decision and verify if a replacement unit is warranted.

If the answer is “yes,” the Postal Service’s next step will be to search for a new retail partner or other source. For that, Daiutolo said, it might send letters to local companies to learn if they’re interested. It could advertise in a variety of media outlets. It may even hang a sort of “wanted” poster in the lobbies of other local post offices, spelling out its need for a new contractor.

All potential responses would be reviewed in hopes of finding one that’s suitable.

Until then, though, Lower Pottsgrove residents should consider using another post office or contractor.

If all that’s needed is to buy stamps, the Postal Service lists 17 purchasing locations within a 5-mile radius of the 19464 zip code. Learn where there are from this page on the Postal Service website.

If customers need something more – to send a package or get mailing advice – the two closest post offices are in:

  • Pottstown, at 770 E. High St., a 2-mile or 6-minute drive from Thriftway, according to Google Maps; and
  • Limerick, at 327 W. Ridge Pike, a 4.5-mile or 9-minute drive.
  • Others suggested by the Postal Service website are in Stowe, 60 Lemon St., 5.2 miles or 13 minutes; Gilbertsville, 1516 Swamp Pike, 6.6 miles or 12 minutes; and Pine Forge, 213 Pine Forge Rd., 6.5 miles or 16 minutes.
  • USPS also offers a variety of services online.

The Postal Service toll-free customer phone number is 800-275-8777.


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