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Verizon Still Installing FiOS, 6 Years Later

VERIZON STILL MAKING INROADS IN LOWER POTTSGROVE – It was six years ago, during March 2009, that the Lower Pottsgrove Board of Commissioners signed its first franchise agreement with Verizon Corp. to provide television services to local residents in competition with Comcast Corp. At the time, Verizon’s representative estimated it could take up to five years to ensure all properties would benefit from his company’s FiOS packages. That timeline was off, commissioners now admit. Verizon is still rolling out its installation in some portions of the township’s 7 square miles. Crews this week (Aug. 11, 2015) have been running fiber optic cable needed for Verizon’s feed to homes on Heather Lane and Bradley Way at the township’s east side. A sign attached to a utility pole (top), pavement markings (above), and orange highway cones (below) announced their presence and showed the work in progress.

20150810-SanatogaPA-FiosInstallHeatherLn (1Edit)


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