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Friday’s Headlines In The Sanatoga Post

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  • Work’s Not Done, But Pleasant View Open
    Employees from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation and the Lower Pottsgrove Public Works Department labored side-by-side Wednesday to install a new culvert on North Pleasant View Road.
  • Ensuring Drivers Stay Between The Lines
    Guess what else kept PennDOT crews busy Wednesday morning in Lower Pottsgrove?
  • Money May Be Coming Back From Your Bank
    Citizens Bank customers in Pottstown and Limerick may be among those nationwide receiving a total of $14 million in refunded credits for deposits improperly handled between 2008 and 2013.
  • Editor’s Selections Thursday In The Post
    Some customers of Met-Ed, which serves Lower Pottsgrove, briefly lose power; Pottstown Salvation Army under renovation; Progress at Colebrookdale Railroad; Eminent domain proceeds in Phoenixville.
  • It’s ‘Lights On,’ Not Out, At Thriftway
    The Sanatoga Thriftway, which was scheduled to close Wednesday, will remain open. It’s been rescued by the building’s owners. The market already has new managers, and will be renamed.
  • Pottsgrove’s Madden Honored In Retirement
    He’s been known by many labels during in his tenure, almost all complimentary. Until Tuesday, though, no one formally called Pottsgrove High Assistant Principal Jeff Madden “retired.”
  • Verizon’s Still Installing, Six Years Later
    Lower Pottsgrove commissioners hoped for quick and viable competition for television services when it signed Verizon Corp. to a franchise agreement six years ago. It’s still being rolled out.
  • Local Tax Sale Parcels Now Unavailable
    Thirty-two properties in Pottstown, the Pottsgroves, Limerick, Royersford and Collegeville were initially offered for an Aug. 20 county tax sale. No longer.
  • Editor’s Selections Wednesday In The Post
    Lower Pottsgrove’s Watson allegedly sought special consideration to obtain Limerick trash contract, The Mercury reports; Accused Pottstown man tried to pin death on his cuz; dining in Collegeville.
  • Township Avoids Electronic Billboard Lawsuit
    Lower Pottsgrove convinced a New Jersey advertising company to forego a legal challenge over its current restrictions on electronic billboards. The company is seeking zoning variances to erect two signs.
  • Rupert Bridge Work Expected Next Summer
    The last “i” seems to have been dotted in an agreement between Montgomery County and Lower Pottsgrove to replace the Rupert Road bridge. For safety reasons, work won’t start until next summer.
  • Thieves Strike Vehicles Near Rhoads Road
    Thefts from vehicles, which have kept Lower Pottsgrove police busy much of the summer, occurred against late last week.
  • Editor’s Selections Tuesday In The Post
    Lower Pottsgrove accident Monday briefly closes road; Pottstown historic coloring book benefits library; MontCo continues to pay human services contractors; New Hanover quarry hearings delayed.
  • Time Grows Short For Tax Installments
    If you want to pay your Pottsgrove School District taxes on an installment plan, rather than all at once, you’re facing a Saturday deadline.
  • Plan Alternate To North Pleasant View Road
    Lower Pottsgrove reminds residents a portion of North Pleasant View Road will be closed for at least Monday and Tuesday, and possibly longer.

Joe Zlomek, Managing Editor

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