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Monday’s Headlines In The Sanatoga Post

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  • That ‘Boom!’ You Hear? Its Neighbors At Work
    The Reading Materials Inc. division of the H&K Group, which owns the Sanatoga Quarry, has again issued its periodic notice that blasting there can occur weekdays over a 6-hour period.
  • Parker Named TriCounty Network Director
    Holly Parker, a life-long Pottstown resident, will begin Aug. 31 as the organization’s new executive director. Its offices are located in Sanatoga.
  • Rotary Picks Long As Person-Of-The-Year
    An 8-year veteran of the Pottstown Police Department, Det. Heather Long has been selected for the annual Pottstown Rotary Club honor due to her outstanding work.
  • County To Spray In Pottstown For Mosquitoes
    A large area of Pottstown residences is scheduled to be sprayed Tuesday night to kill mosquitoes suspected of carrying West Nile Virus, county health officials said.
  • Your Stomach Will Hate You For Missing This
    Two days remain for you to enjoy chowing down on some of the finest offerings at 13 different restaurants in Collegeville. Most are offering discounts, extras, or special menu items.
  • Look, Up In The Sky! It’s Pancakes And Syrup
    How do you end a really successful, superhero-themed summer reading program for kids? Why, by offering them a superhero’s breakfast, of course! Held today, it benefits the Birdsboro Library.
  • Today, Boyertown’s Going To The Dogs. Purposely
    Shop with your dog. Treat it to something yummy. Join it in specially planned games and activities, all today during three lazy and pleasant summer hours with other dog owners in Boyertown.
  • Weekend Stuff To Do On The Post Calendar
    Buy your chicken dinner Saturday in Pottsgrove, and your dine-in lunch in Collegeville; mellow out with the folkies in Schwenksville, or watch the battles at Boone; enjoy summer with your dog in Boyertown.
  • In Upper Pottsgrove, A Plea To Parents
    A township police officer on patrol encountered a group of youngsters late Wednesday night, and their reaction to his presence both surprised and concerned him.
  • Vacationing Limerick Officer Helps Save Victim
    A Limerick police officer on vacation this week in Pittsburgh helped revive a heart attack victim.
  • Pottstown Cluster Growing On Franklin
    The religious organization that provides outreach and educational services to families in need will expand its footprint on North Franklin Street.
  • Royersford Sewer Inspections Start Monday
    It will involve smoke testing and video crews from New Jersey. They’ll begin work on the borough’s south side.
  • Work’s Not Done, But Pleasant View Open
    Employees from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation and the Lower Pottsgrove Public Works Department labored side-by-side Wednesday to install a new culvert on North Pleasant View Road.
  • Ensuring Drivers Stay Between The Lines
    Guess what else kept PennDOT crews busy Wednesday morning in Lower Pottsgrove?
  • Money May Be Coming Back From Your Bank
    Citizens Bank customers in Pottstown and Limerick may be among those nationwide receiving a total of $14 million in refunded credits for deposits improperly handled between 2008 and 2013.
  • Editor’s Selections Thursday In The Post
    Some customers of Met-Ed, which serves Lower Pottsgrove, briefly lose power; Pottstown Salvation Army under renovation; Progress at Colebrookdale Railroad; Eminent domain proceeds in Phoenixville.
  • It’s ‘Lights On,’ Not Out, At Thriftway
    The Sanatoga Thriftway, which was scheduled to close Wednesday, will remain open. It’s been rescued by the building’s owners. The market already has new managers, and will be renamed.
  • Pottsgrove’s Madden Honored In Retirement
    He’s been known by many labels during in his tenure, almost all complimentary. Until Tuesday, though, no one formally called Pottsgrove High Assistant Principal Jeff Madden “retired.”
  • Verizon’s Still Installing, Six Years Later
    Lower Pottsgrove commissioners hoped for quick and viable competition for television services when it signed Verizon Corp. to a franchise agreement six years ago. It’s still being rolled out.
  • Local Tax Sale Parcels Now Unavailable
    Thirty-two properties in Pottstown, the Pottsgroves, Limerick, Royersford and Collegeville were initially offered for an Aug. 20 county tax sale. No longer.
  • Editor’s Selections Wednesday In The Post
    Lower Pottsgrove’s Watson allegedly sought special consideration to obtain Limerick trash contract, The Mercury reports; Accused Pottstown man tried to pin death on his cuz; dining in Collegeville.

Joe Zlomek, Managing Editor

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