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How Far Can They Throw Your Can?, Klotz Asks

SANATOGA PA – Stephen Klotz wants employees of Audubon-based trash hauler J.P. Mascaro and Sons to stop playing around.

Klotz, vice-president of the Lower Pottsgrove Board of Commissioners, on Thursday (Sept. 24, 2015) accused the company’s workers – at least the ones who pick up garbage outside his New Kepler Road home – of purposely playing a game he called “how far can they throw your can?”

Its rules, he claimed, were simple. Collectors run and retrieve a trash can from the side of the road, empty its contents into their passing truck, then throw the can back to the side rather than return it more gently. The result, he added, were short-tossed bins that obstructed or impeded traffic, shattered containers, broken handles, missing lids and steamed customers.

“And we’ve got to get the game stopped,” he announced.

He’s not alone, Klotz added; constituents have complained, too. “I think it’s become an issue, and I think we’ve got to address it,” he said.

No one representing Mascaro was in the audience during the board’s meeting, so there was no immediate response to the criticism. The company can expect to hear about the problem soon, though. Klotz asked Manager Ed Wagner to draft a letter letting it know of his and neighboring residents’ displeasure.

And he not-so-subtly reminded Wagner that Mascaro’s hauling contract with the township ends next year.

Klotz usually reserves his twice-monthly, end-of-board-meeting comments for upbeat observations. He’ll praise the police department for an arrest, congratulate a winning sports team, or promote an upcoming event … which made his pointed remarks about Mascaro more unusual.

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