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Tuesday’s Headlines In The Sanatoga Post

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  • Township Wins Bullet-Proof Vest Grant
    Lower Pottsgrove’s police department will receive $1,848 from the federal government to help buy new and replacement bullet-proof vests for four officers.
  • Pottsgrove Must Wrestle Earlier With Budget
    The district Board of School Directors was told Tuesday it will be asked to make budget-related decisions for next year far earlier than it has in the past.
  • Limerick Man Charged In Motorcycle Accident
    The incident occurred during early September on Pruss Hill Road, but laboratory blood alcohol content test results were received Friday, Lower Pottsgrove police said.
  • Only 1 Vote Opposes Pottsgrove Exec Salaries
    Only Pottsgrove school board director Patti Grimm, who is up for re-election, opposed salary increases for the district’s top three executives … but she declined to say why.
  • Pottsgrove Oct. 13 Meeting Now On PCTV
    The Pottstown-based PCTV Network’s video recording of the Pottsgrove Board of School Directors’ Oct. 13 meeting was posted Friday to YouTube for public viewing.
  • Events Scheduled This Week On The Post Calendar
    Meetings, activities, and events happening this week, as submitted to The Post calendar.
  • Incoming Directors To Attend School Themselves
    The soon-to-be first-timers on the Pottsgrove Board of School Directors will receive customized training before starting their jobs.
  • Editor’s Selections Saturday In The Post
    Bridge drawings OK’d in West Pottsgrove; Pottstown hopes to table tax exemption hearing; Ursinus organic farm wins national recognition; and Boone Friends help the homestead.
  • Bring Your Bikes Out To Community Day
    One of the best parts of the Lower Pottsgrove police bicycle rodeo, its safety and obstacle course, will be part of the new Community Day observance next Saturday (Oct. 24) in Sanatoga.
  • Pottsgrove Congratulates Soprano Performer
    Pottsgrove High School junior Diane DiLabio, some say, sings like an angel. That voice has brought her national attention; she’ll perform with a highly acclaimed mixed choir later this month in Nashville.
  • Editor’s Selections Friday In The Post
    Sanatoga courtroom being relocated to downtown Pottstown; Police arrest Stowe man in drug trafficking; Conviction in Lower Pottsgrove ice pick assault; Pottstown tax break discussions.
  • ‘Grove Publicly Compares Its, Union Proposals
    Pottsgrove School District administrators made formerly private contract bargaining even more public Wednesday, releasing a side-by-side comparison of its and teachers’ union contract offers.
  • Wireless Units Benefit Pottsgrove Students
    Students of financially needy families in the Pottsgrove School District who can’t afford Internet service at home will benefit from the purchase of wireless access devices.
  • New Leaders Take Over At Lower Elementary
    No, Lower Pottsgrove Elementary School Principal Yolanda Williams isn’t being challenged. Instead, she’s getting help from a new leadership team consisting of 30 students.
  • Pottsgrove Shows Its Hand In Negotiations
    Labor negotiations usually are somewhat secretive. The Pottsgrove School District defied convention Tuesday, and made public the terms of its current formal offer in teacher contract discussions.
  • Police, School Join In ‘Safe Stop’ Exercise
    Upper Pottsgrove police and Pottsgrove Middle School officials will collaborate Wednesday on an exercise to make both drivers and students aware of dangers when boarding or leaving a school bus.
  • Church Group Re-Stocks Genesis Supplies
    When their morning prayer ended, 15 men from True North Christian Church in Trappe went shopping for baby supplies. Their $3,200 donation benefited the Genesis Pregnancy Care Center in Pottstown.
  • Spring-Ford Practiced Active Shooter Drill
    The emergency exercise was held Monday while students were enjoying the Columbus Day holiday, according to the district.

Joe Zlomek, Managing Editor

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