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Royersford Cracks Down On ‘Cut-Thru’ Speeders

ROYERSFORD PA – Royersford police don’t like what they’ve seen recently on several streets in the borough, specifically “a rise in speeding and other aggressive driving” since the closure of two local bridges, and the department put the public on notice Friday (Nov. 6, 2015) it intends to step up enforcement efforts.

The closing of the Linfield Road and Route 23 bridges for much-needed repairs have sent many drivers looking for alternative routes to get where they’re going, the department noted in a Facebook status update. That, in turn, has heightened traffic on several borough streets: police cited the 700 and 800 blocks of Church, Chestnut and Oak as examples.

Unfortunately, the drivers haven’t been courteous or well-behaved, it added. Neighbors have complained about speeding. Several areas “were high in accidents,” police said. And they alleged that “motorists who are not borough residents are using these streets as ‘cut-throughs’ to avoid traffic that is backed up on Lewis Road and Main Street.”

A concerted enforcement response kicked in during the past week.

“We ran several speed enforcement details in the 700 block of Chestnut Street,” the department reported. “(Twelve) citations were issued for speeding, one for driving under suspension, and one male was taken into custody for an outstanding warrant from the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department. (Ninety percent) of the motorists that were cited were using these roads to avoid the congestion.”

“Make no mistake,” the department continued, “we will continue to be aggressive on these and all borough streets in order to keep our residents and transients safe.” Police acknowledged manpower limitations would prevent them for being everywhere at once, and they also agreed drivers on public roads had the right to travel legally and safely on routes of their choosing.

“But it is unacceptable to be speeding while doing so,” the department said.

Borough residents with concerns are encouraged to call Royersford Police Chief Thomas Nerlinger directly at 610-948-3305.

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