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Quick, What Day Is It? Ask A Commissioner

The doors of Sanatoga Chapel, the East High Street home of the Lower Pottsgrove Historical Society

SANATOGA PA – Tom Troutman might have considered his presentation to the Lower Pottsgrove Board of Commissioners as an early Christmas gift. Maybe it was a tangible thank you for the board’s continued support of one of Troutman’s favorite township non-profit organizations. Or perhaps it was just to ensure they knew what day it was.

During the board’s recent meeting, its second of the month in the Buchert Road municipal building, Troutman – himself a former commissioner and board president – gave each member a calendar.

Not just any calendar: Troutman’s offering was the new, hot-off-the-presses, full-color 2016 calendar of the Lower Pottsgrove Historical Society. That’s it below, reproduced in nearly full size, with a light blue background and replete with postcard scenes of the township’s past.

“Use it well,” he told board members as he brought their attention to the item. “Keep it in front of you,” he added.

It’s not as though commissioners lacked calendars of their own. Their faux-leather-bound digital tablets, prominently displayed and referred to while they conduct the public’s business, have day-and-date reminders a’plenty. They thanked Troutman nonetheless; it was, after all, the thought that counted.


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Graphic scan of the Lower Pottsgrove Historical Society calendar

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