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Busy Christkindlmarkt Closes Its Holiday Run


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SteelStacks is the name of the sprawling arts and cultural center installed within the remnants of the former Bethlehem Steel works

BETHLEHEM PA – The annual Christkindlmarkt holiday gift show in Bethlehem PA, about an hour’s drive east of Sanatoga, closed its four-weekend run at the SteelStacks arts and cultural center on Sunday (Dec. 20, 2015), after playing host to more than a hundred specialty vendors and thousands of shoppers with money to spend for one-of-a-kind presents.

Christkindlmarkt is known as one of the best holiday markets in the nation. Even for those who consider its items on the pricey side, the show is filled with experiences of artisans at work: glass blowers carefully handling molten material, jewelers creating unique necklaces and bracelets, and woodworkers turning out toys of all kinds.

There were plenty of tempting edibles, too.

  • Watch a video (above) about the market’s most interesting sights available Saturday (Dec. 19), or see it at The Post’s YouTube channel, here.
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Chimney stacks from huge steel blast furnaces that once ran around the clock at the former Bethlehem Steel plant now are the cultural site’s dominant feature

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Crowds attending Christkindlmarkt strolled casually from booth to booth inside two giant heated tents to see the finery offered by merchants and taste their food samples. They bought both

20151219-BethlehemPA-Chritkindlmarkt (16Web)

Making your own gift was a popular attraction at the show. Here a glassblower prepares molten glass that will be worked, under his guidance, by customers themselves into the gifts they’ll give

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Saturday (Dec. 19) was the second-to-last day of the show, and chilly winds ruled the day. Visitors, framed here by a window, were bundled up against the cold

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Videography and photos by Joe Zlomek for The Post Publications LLC
Music: “Let’s Just Get Through Christmas,” by Doctor Turtle, from the Free Music Archive

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