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Permanent Signs Advocated For 422 Approach

SANATOGA PA – Drivers approaching the reconstructed on- and off-ramps for U.S. Route 422 at Armand Hammer Boulevard should expect to see an occasional but continuing presence by Lower Pottsgrove police there, the department’s chief reported Monday (Jan. 4, 2015), as officers attempt to “enhance compliance” with new traffic patterns at the intersection.

And temporary signage that currently warns drivers of new lane alignments to reach the ramps or turn west onto Industrial Highway won’t be sufficient in the long run, Chief Michael Foltz added in comments made during the township Board of Commissioners’ meeting. He said he would ask the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation to consider installing permanent signs overhead for motorist safety.

When the new ramps opened in October, PennDOT designated a left lane on southbound Armand Hammer for traffic continuing ahead to enter westbound 422 or into the adjacent Tri-County Business Park. A southbound right lane was set for traffic turning right (west) onto Industrial Highway. Some drivers were confused, and several publicly worried about a heightened potential for accidents.

The temporary signage placed further north on Armand Hammer near the Home Depot store (above), and added signs and pavement markings at the intersection, have helped somewhat, Foltz agreed, as he discussed results of the department’s Dec. 23 (2015; Wednesday) effort to again alert drivers of the intersection’s revisions.

Two officers were positioned at the corner during a busy, two-hour afternoon period when about 1,440 vehicles passed by. In that time, nine drivers were seen using incorrect lanes to reach the westbound on-ramp, which constituted a violation of the traffic pattern. They were issued only warnings, Foltz said; the detail was intended to be helpful and educational, not punitive, he told commissioners.

However, the exercise demonstrated a need for more visible reminders, according to the chief, and that’s why other details, described as “directed patrols,” will be scheduled. It’s also why permanent signs would make sense, he added.

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