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Want Postal Service In Sanatoga? Tell USPS

SANATOGA PA – The effort to convince the U.S. Postal Service to re-open a contracted postal unit – a form of limited branch post office – in what will become the new Landis Market at the Sanatoga Village shopping center, 2190 E. High St., is attracting significant behind-the-scenes attention, according to those involved.

Landis owners and managers say they’re eager to renew the public’s ability to buy stamps, mail letters and packages, and obtain other mail-related offerings from inside their store, which is due to open later this spring. The company has already notified the Postal Service of its desire, and said the request is being evaluated.

Meanwhile, over a period of several weeks, advocates of returning postal services to Sanatoga have enlisted help for the cause. Chief among them are residents’ councils representing Sanatoga Ridge and Buchert Ridge, two age-55-and-older retirement housing communities in Lower Pottsgrove.

Many residents there say they miss the convenience of having a post office nearby, and don’t want to travel to Pottstown, Limerick or Gilbertsville for mail services, The Post learned in a recent e-mail. As a result the councils, which regularly meet to discuss and make suggestions on operations and activities within their neighborhoods, have begun lobbying the Postal Service as well as appointed and elected government officials for support.

Make your opinion known

The Postal Service encourages customers to make suggestions for better service; “Tell us your concern and we’ll be glad to help,” its Contact USPS webpage declares. Take it up on the offer.

  • Open a web browser and visit the Postal Service’s e-mail contact form, here: .
  • Check the button marked “No,” next to the question, “Does your inquiry involve a Tracking Number?”
  • Select “Suggestion” as the inquiry type;
  • A series of blue tabs will appear. Click on the one marked “About USPS;” and
  • Start typing in the box labeled “Additional Information.” Maybe the opening sentence can be “We would like a contracted postal unit returned to Sanatoga PA.”
  • Then, in your own words, tell why. Be brief, and be pleasant. Add your name and address; let them know it’s a real person and not a computerized robot making the contact.

Who’s already involved?

The Sanatoga and Buchert Ridge seniors “have been pretty vocal,” township Manager Ed Wagner agreed. “They’ve asked repeatedly that we get this done.”

“We,” according to Wagner, now includes the township Board of Commissioners, and staff members in the offices of state Rep. Tom Quigley in Pennsylvania’s 146th district, and area Congressman Ryan Costello of Pennsylvania’s 6th District. All are said to be making inquiries and, they hope, inroads to gain Postal Service authorization for the Sanatoga unit.


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