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This Weekend Stuff To Do? Seems Doubtful

Pottsgrove Athletic Director Gary DeRenzo, left, and high school students prepared Thursday (Jan. 21) for today’s 60th annual Color Day observance

SANATOGA PA – Well, let’s face it: anything that might have been planned for entertainment this weekend is likely to be cancelled due to the impending winter storm expected to hit western Montgomery County by tonight (Friday, Jan. 22, 2016). If that’s the case, curl up on the couch, turn on the tube, and enjoy a good movie … or three.

Hope springs eternal, though! We might be spared Mother Nature’s wrath. If that’s the case, these activities were planned to occur this weekend (Friday through Sunday, Jan. 22-24), as provided to The Post calendar. Click links below for more details but – with the exception of this morning’s 60th annual Color Day observance at Pottsgrove High School – don’t bet on any being held. Seriously.




Photo from Pottsgrove High School via Twitter

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