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Directors Who Were Out Were Snowed In

POTTSTOWN PA – One was fighting the snow, the other was grounded because of it, so there were two excused absences when the Pottsgrove Board of School Directors met Tuesday (Jan. 26, 2016) for its regularly scheduled working session.

Directors John Rossi and Bill Parker both were unable to attend, board president Rick Rabinowitz noted at the meeting’s start.

Rossi, he said, had worked the previous weekend through the entirety of winter storm Jonas, cleaning 24 inches of snow away from parking lots, sidewalks and other surfaces for his employer. He was understandably exhausted, Rabinowitz added, and stayed home to recuperate.

Parker, the president said, suffered from Jonas in an entirely different way. He was stuck in California due to storm-related airline cancellations, and couldn’t get a flight back home in time to make the meeting. Hopefully, Parker had better luck during his trip: directors report he was on the West Coast to be a contestant in a popular television game show.

The remaining seven school board members constituted a quorum, and the meeting was held as planned.

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