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  • Water Break Disrupts West Pottsgrove Day
    Neither faculty members or students at West Pottsgrove Elementary School were endangered by a Wednesday water main break in Stowe. Parents were nonetheless given an option to pick up children early if desired.
  • Claim Free Breakfast Thursday Morning
    The Chick-fil-A restaurant in the Gateway At Sanatoga shopping center on West Lightcap Road is offering a free breakfast item this morning (Thursday) between 6:30 and 10 a.m. You hungry?
  • In Just 10 Seconds: Wednesday At Pruss Hill Pond
    Despite the cold and headaches it sometimes causes, winter in Lower Pottsgrove can be absolutely beautiful.
  • Sanatoga Sale Satisfies Easter Sweet Tooth
    Beat the Easter Bunny at his own game! Buy home-made chocolate-covered candy Easter eggs, pies and flowers from the Sanatoga Fire Company during its March sale.
  • Search For Missing Man Ends In Tragedy
    Police on Tuesday discovered the body of Harold P. Leister, 93, a Lower Pottsgrove resident, in his car submerged in the Schuylkill River. An investigation into his death his continuing.
  • Intense Tuesday Storm Prompts Many Delays
    Across area school districts and in local municipalities, a winter storm Tuesday that grew with intensity as night fell caused accidents and traffic back-ups, and led to plenty of event postponements.
  • Sanatoga Park Project Contract Awarded
    Expect improvements to the band shell area in Sanatoga Park, South Sanatoga Road, to begin in about mid-March, Lower Pottsgrove officials said. They’ll be in place in time for the spring concert series.
  • Marking Fire Hydrants Suggested To Board
    A former Lower Pottsgrove politician last week suggested the township should invest in markers to locate fire hydrants in heavy snow. Commissioners made no commitments, but said they’d consider it.
  • Weapons Possession Charged In HS Arrest
    Three arrests occurred during January 2016 at Pottsgrove High School, according to local police; one of them was reported to be for weapons possession.
  • Melt-In-Your-Mouth Fun Arrives Saturday
    See how 18th Century colonists put chocolate to use, during Valentine’s Day cooking demonstrations to be held Saturday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. in Pottsgrove Manor, West High Street, Pottstown.
  • In Just 10 Seconds: Expecting More Traffic
    Construction on least one of three housing developments near the Route 29 interchange of U.S. Route 422 is expected to begin within months. Expect traffic there to grow heavier over time.
  • What’s Inside Public Works Box? Another Box!
    When spring arrives and snow plowing duties have ended, Lower Pottsgrove’s public works crew will retrofit the township’s existing garage by putting another “building” inside it.
  • When Weather’s Bad, The Bad Aren’t Stirring
    Lower Pottsgrove Police Chief Michael Foltz sees a silver lining in the nasty weather that winter storm Jonas delivered late last month.
  • In Just 10 Seconds: Sunday Morning Wake-Up
    Before the burgers, beer, and Broncos’ victory that came much later, here’s how Super Bowl Sunday started for many across greater Pottstown PA.

Joe Zlomek, Managing Editor

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