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First Time’s The Charm For Floodplain Law

SANATOGA PA – From the perspective of Lower Pottsgrove Manager Ed Wagner, the score is Common Sense, 1; Bureaucracy 0.

Wagner, who last week bemoaned the notion that the township could incur twice the cost, time and trouble of again ratifying its revised and just-approved floodplain management law, said he received word Monday morning (Feb. 22, 2016) once would be enough.

The township succeeded last week in meeting a government-imposed March 2 deadline to adopt the floodplain law, which controls land development in frequently flooded areas. It sailed past the Board of Commissioners with a unanimous vote at its Feb. 18 meeting. Ratification helped preserve local property owners’ ability to obtain and keep flood insurance, Solicitor Charles Garner said.

The law’s wording has not yet been reviewed by state and federal agencies, however, and Wagner told commissioners there was every indication the township would be required to repeat a public hearing and re-vote on the law once those reviews came through. Then came Monday’s phone call from Montgomery County.

Officials there reported Lower Pottsgrove’s law “complied with everything on their checklist,” Wagner said, so the county will certify to state and federal higher-ups that the township has met its obligation. “They said we won’t need another hearing,” the manager confirmed.

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