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Monday’s Headlines In The Sanatoga Post

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  • Volunteers Work Muscles Recycling Metal
    With video. Get out the pain reliever! Volunteers and staff members at Althouse Arboretum put in a hard day’s work Saturday, recycling appliances and other metal goods local donors wanted to be rid of.

  • Phoenixville Club A Car Show Sponsor
    With video. The Phoenixville Quarter Midget Club is observing its 61st anniversary by again helping to sponsor the annual Race Car Show at Coventry Mall. Sunday is the show’s final day. It’s free to attend.
  • Learn How To Keep Diabetes Under Control
    Diabetes self-management is a key to success for anyone afflicted by the disease. A Penn State Extension program starting March 2 in Limerick can help diabetes patients stay healthier.
  • Guess Where $478,828 Went During January?
    Lower Pottsgrove incurred $478,828 in expenses during January 2016. Here’s where the money went.
  • Executive Session Announced In Advance
    Labor negotiations were the subject of a Pottsgrove school board executive session Tuesday.
  • In Just 10 Seconds: Guys Night Out
    So it’s Friday night, and fathers and their young sons are looking to spend some quality time together. Where do they head? The ninth annual Race Car Show at Coventry Mall, of course!
  • Maybe Not Everyone’s Cup Of Tea
    Then again, Friday night’s car show at the Coventry Mall didn’t exactly fascinate everybody.
  • Board Likes Pottsgrove Proposed Calendar
    Given two calendar choices for 2016-2017, Pottsgrove school board members liked what they saw in the second. They asked it be posted to the district website for parental comment before approval.
  • In Just 10 Seconds: Water, Water Everywhere
    Wednesday’s wind-whipped rainstorm is already a memory, but swollen Sanatoga Creek and the debris field left on North Sanatoga Road were Thursday morning reminders of its force.
  • Pottsgrove HS Names 2Q Honor Roll Students
    Students at Pottsgrove High School have been designated as recipients of honors or distinguished honors during the second quarter of the academic year.
  • Pottsgrove MS Reports 2Q Honor Roll Students
    Dozens of Pottsgrove Middle School students have been designated as recipients of honors or distinguished honors during the second quarter of the academic year.
  • Weekend Stuff To Do On The Post Calendar
    Recycle old appliances Saturday at Althouse Arboretum, its’a sports show eeekend in Oaks, see art exhibits in Collegeville and Pottstown, visit a craft fair in Trappe, or have breakfast with the Elks.
  • Board OKs Rebuilding ‘Grove Gifted Program
    Pottsgrove School District directors agreed Tuesday to pay an independent contractor to guide rebuilding its gifted education program. The board also agreed to add a new gifted course at the high school.
  • Local Roads Flood With Heavy Rain
    Roads in Lower Pottsgrove, Pottstown, Stowe and elsewhere locally were partially obstructed, or in some instances closed, due to debris and flooding that resulted from Wednesday night’s storm.
  • Maple Syrup Time Approaches At County Park
    The annual ritual of maple sap collection and its production into maple syrup is arriving as the weather warms. Learn more about the process during a Montgomery County parks program.

Joe Zlomek, Managing Editor

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