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Music Teacher Williams Announces Retirement

Music teacher Kathy Williams during a 2014 holiday concert

LOWER POTTSGROVE PA – Pottsgrove Middle School Music Teacher Kathy Williams, who with other faculty members has helped build the school district music program into a consistent award winner for band and orchestra performances, will retire at the end of the current academic year, the Board of School Directors learned Tuesday (March 8, 2016).

Williams’ name appeared at the top of the Personnel-Professional Staff-Retirement section of its agenda as the board met in Lower Pottsgrove Elementary School. The retirement and other personnel matters were unanimously accepted. Her departure is scheduled to be effective on the last day of the school year.

Board member Patti Grimm characterized Williams’ leaving as “sad and bittersweet.” Grimm praised the teacher for the many classes of students she has taught during the years, and her ability to make music a part of their lives.

Pottsgrove High School Marching Band director and music teacher Victor Holladay, Williams, and others have been credited by earlier school boards for collaborating to make several changes in music department programs during 2009. By 2011 those revisions had proven so successful, and attracted so many more students, that the department was running out of instruments, band uniforms, and classroom space.

Directors said their collective efforts, in part, warranted expansion of the high school’s music wing under the three-year, multi-million dollar reconstruction program that will continue there through late summer.

The high school marching band in particular, under Holladay’s leadership, has gone on to win several championships and participate in national holiday parade events. The band regularly includes some of the best players from the middle school ranks, which Holladay during a 2014 school board meeting attributed to Williams’ skills as an instructor.

Williams has been a teacher since 1975 and joined the Pottsgrove staff 35 years ago, in 1981, according to her school web page. “Even though I have been around a long, long time, I hope that I have the energy, creativity and love of my profession to keep your child involved and playing their instrument,” she wrote there to parents.

In other professional staff personnel actions Tuesday, the board approved:

  • Assignment of Mary Savarese as a substitute teacher;
  • Appointment of Michelle Gibble and Parys Hall as substitute teachers; and
  • Leaves of absence for two individuals.

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