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Township Part Of Week’s Youth, Law Forum

TALKING MORE TO EACH OTHER – Lower Pottsgrove Police Sgt. Robert Greenwood represented the township department Wednesday (March 16, 2016) as a participant in the Youth and Law Enforcement Forum at Montgomery County Community College in Pottstown. Jointly sponsored by the county District Attorney and Public Defender offices, it’s considered one more way to generate more conversations between law enforcement officials and teens. The forum’s “worthwhile” goals, the department said, include “breaking down stereotypes, building better relationships, and reducing the number of street encounters that result in altercations and juvenile arrests.” The county has acknowledged “many arrests involved charges stemming from clashes due to poor communication and distrust between officers and young people.” The event, which involved dozens of police officers and students from across the greater Pottstown area, included panel discussions, break-out sessions, and role-playing exercises.

Photo from the Pottstown Police Department

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