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Police Mute Shots’ Sound For Local Comfort

LIMERICK PA – The recent sound of gunfire along the southwest end of Limerick Township hasn’t come from bad guys, its police department explains in a Facebook post, but from the good ones.

Just across a bend of the Schuylkill River between Limerick and East Vincent townships, the East Vincent Police Department has opened a law-enforcement-use-only gun range near its township sewage treatment plant on Dairy Road. Some members of the East Vincent force have been sharpening their skills there, the Limerick department wrote Nov. 3 (2016) on Facebook, as well as completing required qualifications.

Echoes of gun shots that traveled across the water reportedly could be heard by residents of nearby Limerick housing communities. They made “numerous calls” to Limerick police with concerns, the post added.

The two departments have already consulted and are “cooperating and agreeable” to find ways that reduce the noise heard in Limerick, according to the Facebook item. East Vincent is “working on implementing additional sound reduction measures,” it stated.

Although the range operates from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m., East Vincent also said it hoped to limit its use to an early morning and early evening schedule. Dates and times have been set when the range will not be in use, and practice there could be even further limited “as winter months approach,” Limerick wrote.

Members of the public with questions or concerns should call the East Vincent department at 610-933-0115, Limerick suggested.

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