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Local Dog-Napper Steals DE Dog-Seller’s Puppy

SANATOGA PA – A Georgetown DE man who attempted to sell three 3-week-old pit bull puppies to prospective buyers in Lower Pottsgrove’s Rolling Hills apartment complex on Valentines Day (Feb. 14, 2017) had one of the dogs stolen from him, and reported the theft to township police. Now a hunt for the alleged dog-napper is on, but the seller himself could face legal problems, according to township police Ofc. Matthew Musselman.

Kevin Morales-Perez, whose age and specific Delaware address were not provided, called the dog-theft-in-progress in to township police last Tuesday at about 7:24 p.m. Officers arrived at the scene, Musselman said, and listened to Morales-Perez describe how an unidentified man who expressed interest in a female pup looked it over as they sat in his car on a Rolling Hills parking lot.

After taking a few minutes to examine the animal, Morales-Perez claimed the man “tucked the puppy under his arm and fled on foot,” according to a police report on the incident. A check of Rolling Hills’ security video confirmed the story. Police patrolled the area but failed to find either the suspect or the dog. They notified the township animal control officer, who is conducting an investigation with a Pennsylvania dog warden, Musselman added.

If he’s found, Musselman noted, the puppy thief will face several charges.

So too, apparently, will Morales-Perez. Charges are pending against him as well, the report noted, although they were not specified.

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