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More Fuel Tax Due For Township Road Repairs

HARRISBURG PA – Lower, Upper and West Pottsgrove townships collectively stand to receive more than $625,000 in liquid fuels tax payments from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation this year to help them maintain locally owned roads and bridges, the department said Monday (Feb. 27, 2017). The state’s anticipated total payout of $466 million in tax revenues to eligible municipalities represents an increase of about 5 percent over last year, it estimated.

The amounts will be sent to municipalities Wednesday (March 1), according to PennDOT.

Lower Pottsgrove’s net allocation of the tax, the amount expected after the state covers its cost of bridge inspections, was stated by PennDOT as $334,491. That’s $3,858 more than the $330,633 expected by the township under its 2017 tentative budget. The bulk of the money is used for road reconstruction and paving, and oil-and-chip road coatings that extend pavement life, township Manager Ed Wagner has told the Board of Commissioners.

Upper Pottsgrove’s net allocation was cited as $178,414; and West Pottsgrove’s as $112,266.

The state reports there are 120,091 miles of public roads in Pennsylvania, with 72,856 of those miles owned by municipalities and eligible for liquid fuels money. Its formula for payments is based on a municipality’s population and the number of miles of locally-owned roads. Lower Pottsgrove has 35.64 road miles; Upper Pottsgrove, 25.28; and West Pottsgrove, 12.87, it added.

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