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Honored Township Officer Heeded Sixth Sense

Award recipient Ofc. Scott Burnick, left, and Police Chief Michael Foltz

SANATOGA PA – Lower Pottsgrove Police Ofc. Scott Burnick’s sixth sense – that feeling law enforcers get when something “just isn’t right,” according to department Chief Michael Foltz – served him well last month as he apprehended a suspect wanted in an armed robbery that occurred earlier in Pottstown. For his efforts, Burnick on Monday (March 6, 2017) received a meritorious duty award from Foltz and the township Board of Commissioners.

To the applause of family members, friends, and a half-dozen fellow officers, Burnick was praised by the chief for his “tenacity, combined with excellent investigative skills, and superb physical conditioning.” The officer’s actions exemplify “his true professionalism, dedication to service, and commitment to community safety,” Foltz added.

Burnick, who joined the force in 2014, was on routine patrol Feb. 19 at Buchert Road and North Keim Street when he saw a vehicle speed through the intersection without slowing down. It nearly hit two other cars, Foltz related, and Burnick followed it into Pottstown, pulling it over on Hale Street.

The vehicle was occupied by a driver and passenger, and as the officer began an investigation into several traffic violations he witnessed, his sixth sense kicked in, according to the chief. Burnick quickly became aware the passenger was being evasive, and attempted to provide him with false identification information.

Burnick was trying to determine the passenger’s true identity when the man bolted from the car and began fleeing on foot. Burnick “immediately gave chase,” Foltz said, “quickly overtook the suspect, and single-handedly apprehended him without further incident and using minimal force.”

What caused the suspect to run? Maybe his own sense of impending capture. Only after he was in custody did Burnick learn the passenger was wanted by Pottstown police for an armed robbery in which, Foltz added, the man allegedly carried a sawed-off shotgun and “violently threatened” another person with deadly force during the incident.

Burnick’s actions, Foltz said, “resulted in the removal of a violent and dangerous felon from our community.”

Honored Township Officer Heeded Sixth Sense

Commissioners Stephen Klotz, left, and Early Swavely, right, joined Burnick and Foltz for the award presentation

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Photo by The Post Publications

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