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Colletti No Longer A ‘Probationary’ Secretary

SANATOGA PA – Sharon Colletti (above) has survived six months as Lower Pottsgrove’s secretary, and the Board of Commissioners on Monday (March 6, 2017) joked that fact may be as much a personal accomplishment as a reason for awe.

“You made it!,” board Vice President Stephen Klotz proclaimed in a vocal mixture of pride and wonder. For her part Colletti, who started work last September (2016) as the successor to retiring Secretary Michele Cappelletti, just smiled and laughed. The secretary is appointed each year, and serves at the pleasure of the board.

The cause for Klotz’s pronouncement was the end of Colletti’s term as a probationary employee. She passed a required personnel evaluation conducted last week, according to her immediate boss and township Manager Ed Wagner, and commissioners approved granting an annual 3-percent raise amounting to $1,350. Anticipating her success, Wagner had included the additional amount in Lower Pottsgrove’s current budget.

The approval, suggested by Commissioner Ray Lopez, was not part of the board’s meeting agenda and so was opened to public comment before the vote. Colletti was pleasantly surprised when William Wolfgang, a member of the township Planning Commission who was in the municipal building audience, voluntarily endorsed the raise. “She’s done a great job,” Wolfgang said.

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