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422 Bridge Work Due In Sanatoga During 2018

422 Bridge Work Due In Sanatoga During 2018SANATOGA PA – The next bridge replacement project on U.S. Route 422 – following ones already under way between the highway’s Armand Hammer Boulevard and Route 724 exits, as well as in Stowe – is scheduled to be the heart of Lower Pottsgrove, township Manager Ed Wagner told the Board of Commissioners last week. In 2018, Wagner said, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation plans to start work on the 422 span towering over South Sanatoga Road (at top).

The four-lane bridge rises dozens of feet above the landscape of South Sanatoga, which begins at East High Street and Cutillo’s Restaurant, and winds south through Sanatoga Park to the intersection of Linfield Road and the Pottstown Trap-Rock Quarries. The bridge will be swapped out in sections, Wagner indicated, just as the others have been, and is expected to take several years to complete.

Complicating matters is a sewer pipeline buried about 14 feet beneath the surface of South Sanatoga. It will be dug up and rerouted for the new bridge to be installed, Wagner warned commissioners during their March 6 meeting. That will involve a coordinated effort with PennDOT, Pottstown water treatment operations, and affected property owners and other users, he noted.

South Sanatoga Road itself may be expected to be closed for a portion, if not all, of the replacement period. It’s likely park users will use South Park Road, about a quarter-mile east on High, to enter the recreational complex.

That the bridge is in dire need of repair is evident to anyone who’s driven on South Sanatoga past its supports while en route to the park. Concrete has chipped and flaked away over the years. Supporting steel reinforcements are exposed (above at left). Some of the road deck is visibly rusted (below).

Driving on South Sanatoga won’t be a problem this year, Wagner assured commissioners, who said he merely wanted to give them advance notice. When passing beneath the 422 bridge, however, “don’t look up,” he warned. “It isn’t pretty.”

422 Bridge Work Due In Sanatoga During 2018

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