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The Best Way To Cope With That Ice And Snow

Making Winter A Whole Lot More Appealing

Ice. Cold. Beer.

The folks at Pottstown’s Sly Fox Brewing Company know how to turn winter to their promotional advantage. Snow days like Tuesday (March 14, 2017) “call for a lager or two,” they cheered on Instagram (above).

Just one sample of Aimee’s work
(Via Instagram from ampstudiollc)

Looking For That Tiny
And Special Someone

An experienced, professional photographer who’s also turned organic farmer, former Sanatoga resident Aimee Marie Herbert, hopes to do a special Easter-themed photo shoot during the week of April 3 at her amp Studio LLC in Skippack, she announced Monday (March 13) on Instagram. She’s not looking for just any subject, though.

Her ideal model will be a newborn between 5 and 14 days old, who arrives before Easter. Talk about tricky timing! The session is free to the family involved. If you are, or you know, someone who qualifies they should contact Aimee by March 24 (Friday) via e-mail at

Hopefully, that’s the last of the snow
(Via Instagram by Mike Spieth, Pottstown)

Things To Ponder While Digging Out

You didn’t have to shovel Tuesday’s wet, heavy, six-inch deep mix of snow and sleet yourself, you know. You could have let a professional do it, and boosted the western Montgomery County economy in the process.

Private contractors who, nationwide, clear snow and ice represent a $16.8 billion industry, according to research released Monday by the Snow And Ice Management Association. It estimates 110,000 workers comprise the privatized snow and ice industry across the country and, of those, 88,000 are sole practitioners, it said. About a third of them have 20 or more years of experience, and the average operator has been in business 15.4 years. Maybe more important to the association is its claim the industry is growing more than 3 percent a year.

Of course, if you stayed inside and sent your high school-aged family member outside to move that stuff, well, you might argue that’s an economic boost too.

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