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Shrek’s A Hit; And Big ‘Reveal’ Goes Untelevised

On stage with Shrek (Via Twitter from @PGMSNews)

The Critics Have Spoken: Shrek’s A Hit

The Pottsgrove Middle School production of “Shrek, The Musical,” (at top) debuted Thursday night (March 16, 2017) in the school auditorium on North Hanover Street, and garnered rave reviews on social media. Its music director, and Pottsgrove music teacher, Carole Bean was particularly pleased: “Awesome! Awesome! I am sooo proud of all my middle school students!,” she proclaimed on Facebook. “Great job to the middle school cast of Shrek! Your hard work definitely paid off!,” another admirer added. See for yourself. The show continues tonight (Friday) and Saturday (March 17-18) at 7 p.m. Tickets may be available at the door; call 610-326-8243 to know for sure.

‘A Big Reveal,’ But Not Televised

Shrek's A Hit; And Big 'Reveal' Goes Untelevised

(Photo from Google Images)

On television shows, when there’s a dramatic moment the audience has been waiting for – naming the winner of a beauty contest, for example – it’s known as “a big reveal.” Montgomery County’s Voter Services Department will host its own version of a big reveal this morning (Friday, March 17) at 10 a.m. in the county Board of Commissioners’ conference room at Norristown. That’s when it plans to conduct drawings for positioning of candidates’ names on ballots in the coming spring elections.

Many candidates hope to find their names on the top of the ballot list, because it’s the line voters in any race see first. Some who hold the top position consider themselves to have a statistical advantage in winning, particularly among voters who are unfamiliar with those seeking office.

The ballot drawings were scheduled to be held Tuesday (March 14), but were postponed when Winter Storm Stella kept the department closed.

Shrek's A Hit; And Big 'Reveal' Goes Untelevised

(Via Twitter from @EatMexicanfood1)

Showing This Just To Make You Hungry

Pottstown has several gourmet restaurants, most of which are highly rated by well-known culinary guides, but sadly the borough often gets no gastronomic respect. So when this presentation (above) from Juan Carlos Fine Mexican Cuisine on East High Street downtown was displayed Thursday at a Twitter account, sharing became inevitable. These are “Argentinian prawns with Salsa de Cacahuate y Chile de Arbol from the most southern tip of Mexico,” according to the Tweet. The orchid is a beautiful touch. Need a reservation?: 484-624-4931.

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