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Pottstown Plastic Power, And Home Depot Love

The Power Within A Plastic Card

Many people think there’s power in their pocket if they carry a credit or debit card. Using credit, though, means sooner or later you must repay the bank, and drawing down debit funds means sooner or later you must repay yourself. Why not use plastic power that doesn’t cost a dime? There’s probably such a wonder in your wallet right now: a membership card for the Pottstown Regional Public Library.

Executive Director Susan Davis will tell you the library offers freebies of real value. Sure, you can borrow books without cost; everyone knows that. But, also for no fee, you can borrow digital versions of current magazines, get homework help for your kids or grandchildren, train for a new job, search for a new job, stream your favorite music, plan for a vacation, and learn a foreign language to use during your vacation.

If you’re so inclined, you can even borrow a fancy cake pan. Really. Just clean it before you return it, please.

There’s more. Davis on Saturday (March 18, 2017) used her Twitter account (@davismls) to remind the public of yet another library freebie, called Universal Class (seen above). You can learn online almost anything worth knowing in more than 500 of its free, well-explained, easily understood, self-guided courses.

If you already have a library card, simply point your browser to, create an account using your card number, and dive in to whatever subject interests you. Don’t have a library card? No problem, it’s easy to get one; read how here.

(Via Twitter from @james_thd)

Stuff You Love To Hear The Boss Say In Public

Anyone who works for a living enjoys hearing their boss commend them for a job well done. It’s entirely a whole new level of compliment, though, when the boss goes public with his or her thank you.

Employees who make their living, in whole or in part, at the Home Depot on Armand Hammer Boulevard in Lower Pottsgrove, might attest to that.

The store’s district execution manager, Jim Lafreeda, extolled the virtues of its staff bright and early (at 6:13 a.m. no less) Sunday morning (March 19) via Twittter. “Congratulations to all the associates at our Pottstown Home Depot!,” he shouted, and accompanied the atta-boy with a photo (above) of employees celebrating a milestone inside the store. Lafreeda wasn’t specific about their accomplishment, but it obviously was a big deal for the retailer, complete with balloons, a cake, and plenty of people in attendance.

Lafreeda also shared the congratulatory message with a who’s who list of other Home Depot higher-ups. It’s called spreading the love.

(Via Twitter from @judyowens)

Of Course He’s Smiling

You’d smile too, if you were sipping green beer on St. Patrick’s Day (Friday, March 17) in the company of friends at Sly Fox Brewing Company on Circle of Progress Drive in Pottstown.

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