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Pottsgrove High Graduation Date Set … Probably

The school board Policy Committee (above), as it met Tuesday an hour before the directors’ regular session

LOWER POTTSGROVE PA – Acknowledging Mother Nature can be fickle, the Pottsgrove Board of School Directors agreed Tuesday (March 28, 2017) that June 16 would serve as both the last day of the 2016-2017 academic year, and as the graduation date for the high school senior class. Director Rick Rabinowitz and Superintendent Dr. William Shirk joked, however, the date was set “more in rubber cement than in concrete.”

Unpredictability of local weather is the reason, but Shirk thinks even that variable is covered.

Along with the graduation approval, during its second monthly meeting at the Kauffman Road high school, board members also accepted revisions to the district calendar that set aside April 13 (Thursday) and April 17 (Monday) as make-up days if schools are unexpectedly forced to close sometime within the next three weeks. That means, Rabinowitz explained, the weather or other causes must put Pottsgrove out of commission for a total of three days before it needs to worry about finding another make-up session.

“Correct,” Shirk replied, and added that in preparing for the unknowable families also are being put on notice directors may change the calendar again if necessary. All the juggling is required so the district meets state-mandated minimums for the number of days students must be schooled.

Other calendar changes now demand full class days on June 13 and 14, and half-days June 15 and 16.

Director Patti Grimm said she was pleased graduation would be held on a Friday, and advocated to have that practice continue in future years. Rabinowitz said the choice of a Friday amounted to a stroke of luck, but he too said he would prefer Friday graduations so families could enjoy celebrations throughout the following weekend.

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