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Fire House Signage, And Some Soulful Soups

Flashing At You From The Firehouse

The new, double-sided community bulletin board digital sign (at top) installed last month outside the Sanatoga Fire Company firehouse, 2222 E. High St., drew good reviews Monday night (April 3, 2017) from the Lower Pottsgrove Board of Commissioners. Board member Ray Lopez, who insisted last year on including the Sanatoga and Ringing Hill companies in the list of township entities allowed to easily erect such signs, called it attractive. Fellow Commissioner Robert Moholland praised both (the one outside Ringing Hill was put up months ago) as “very professional looking” and “much better than what they used to have out there.”

Lopez commented, though, that the professional appearance comes at a cost. It served as his cue to promote the sale of chocolate-covered Easter egg candies as fund-raising items at the two companies. Those signs don’t pay for themselves, he noted with a smile.

Good For The Soul, Soothing For The Stomach

Fire House Signage, And Some Soulful Soups

The Rev. Jason Franchak, whose job description includes healing people spiritually, on Saturday (April 1) joined his congregation at Holy Trinity Orthodox Church, 1236 Juniper St., Pottstown, to offer something healthy, tasty and nutritious for the physical body as well.

That’s the smiling Father Jason (above), as he introduced himself, surrounded by soups, spreads, breads and other home-made edibles (below) that were featured during the church’s annual spring bazaar.

Many borough residents and visitors drive past, and marvel at, the ornate dome and exterior decorations of the church, but don’t often get inside. The bazaar serves to invite them in, not only for a peek at the church and to meet its members, but also to enjoy some legendary food created from recipes handed down over several generations.

Fire House Signage, And Some Soulful Soups

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