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Wild Dust Bunnies Attack Pottsgrove Orchestra

UPPER POTTSGROVE PA – Eerie sounds. A shark-hunting back beat. A young girl’s scream! There’s all that. and some fun music too, in the Pottsgrove Elementary Advanced Orchestra rendition of “Revenge of the Dust Bunnies.”

Dozens of instrumentalists led by Director Kristen Hyde engaged in musical mischief Monday night (May 8, 2017), to the delight of hundreds of family members, friends and neighbors who crowded into Pottsgrove Middle School on North Hanover Street in Pottstown PA to see and hear them perform.

Hyde preceded the piece with an explanation of what the audience was about to hear, and why it was important to her musicians. Then she and they launched into the sonic good time … including a surprise ending … had by all.

Photo from Google Images

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