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Pottsgrove Board OKs Goods, Services Purchases

Directors Jim Lapic and Ashley Custer (at top) review papers during Tuesday’s school board meeting

LOWER POTTSGROVE PA – Five separate contracts necessary to obtain goods and services for Pottsgrove school operations during the coming 2017-2018 academic year won approval Tuesday (May 9, 2017) from the Board of School Directors. Three relied upon services provided by the Norristown PA-based Montgomery County Intermediate Unit (MCIU).

Authorized by the board were:

  • Hosting, support and licensing through the MCIU of Power School, the Pottsgrove School District’s student management system, at a cost of $23,153. Administrators noted, and board members said they appreciated, the price represents a $500 decrease from last year;
  • Licensing of the district’s Schoology learning management system. Its cost was not stated, but administrators reported it was unchanged from the previous year;
  • Bid awards for art supplies, $29,825; general supplies, $38,097; paper, $21,841; and medical supplies, $19,645. The total for all four represents an $18,103 decrease from last year. Business Administrator David Nester attributed it primarily to a reduction in art supplies being used in fewer projects due to the loss of an art teacher;
  • Renewal of a secondary credit recovery system through APEX Learning Digital Curriculum Solutions. It allows up to 50 students to take remedial courses during night and summer schooling to ensure they can graduate. Its cost of $7,500 was unchanged from last year; and
  • A three-year contract with Pediatric Therapeutic Services for occupational therapy provided by certified therapists at the rate of $67 hourly, and therapy assistants at $53 hourly. The rates are unchanged for the coming year. Each will rise by $1 hourly for the 2018-2019 and 2019-2020 academic years, directors were told.

The board also approved a six-year license for a new textbook, titled “Government In America,” and supplemental materials for use in next year’s high school Advanced Placement class in United States Government and Politics. Its maximum cost is set at $8,705, but the district is continuing price negotiations.

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