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5 Continue In Pottsgrove School Board Contest

NORRISTOWN PA – Incumbents Rick Rabinowitz and Matt Alexander led the Democrat and Republican ballots, respectively, among winners in Tuesday’s (May 17, 2017) primary election voting to fill four open seats on the Pottsgrove School District Board of School Directors. However, all five primary candidates will continue into the November general election.

Alexander, and election newcomers Charles Nippert and Scott Hutt, won lines as candidates on both Democrat and Republican ballots, and as a result seem likeliest to win future places at the board conference table. Rabinowitz and incumbent Robert Lindgren won a single slot apiece.

In order of all votes won Tuesday, the pack was headed by Alexander, with a combined Democrat and Republican vote total of 900, followed by Hutt, 898; Nippert, 796; Rabinowitz, 752; and Lindgren, 744. Voting was very light across the school district’s three townships, though, so it’s unknown if that order would survive a more heavily attended general election.

A total of 4,105 votes were cast across the entire district, according to the Montgomery County Voter Services Department, although its counts have yet to be certified as official. Its tallies by party:

Democrat Primary 2017, Pottsgrove School Board

RICK RABINOWITZ, 402 votes, 22.33% of the total
CHARLES NIPPERT, 395, 21.94%
MATT ALEXANDER, 370, 20.56%
SCOTT HUTT, 356, 19.78%
ROBERT LINDGREN, 267, 14.83%
Write-In, 10, 0.56%

Republican Primary 2017, Pottsgrove School Board

MATT ALEXANDER, 530 votes,  22.99% of the total
SCOTT HUTT, 542, 23.51%
ROBERT LINDGREN, 477, 20.69%
CHARLES NIPPERT, 401, 17.40%
RICK RABINOWITZ, 350, 15.18%
Write-In, 5 , 0.22%

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