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Keep Safe This Weekend, And Stay Ticket-Free

SANATOGA PA – What should be a season of fun can also be one of heartbreak, the Lower Pottsgrove Police Department acknowledged Friday (June 30, 2017). “Summer is a peak time for travel, and unfortunately that brings an increase in traffic crashes,” it said in a Facebook post, and offered “some common-sense rules you can follow to keep safe and ticket-free as you travel.”

Its list of suggestions:

  • Buckle up every time, every ride, and make sure everyone else in your vehicle does as well;
  • Don’t speed, and avoid tailgating, red light running, and other aggressive driving behaviors;
  • Always stay focused and avoid distractions, such as cell phone use and texting; and
  • Have a designated driver if you intend to consume alcoholic beverages.

Sadly, Chief Michael Foltz recently told the township Board of Commissioners, some drivers occasionally lack common sense.

His report for May 2017, the latest available, shows the department issued 55 citations related to the state-funded “Buckle-Up Pennsylvania” campaign. Tickets were presented in applicable situations for drivers or passengers not protected by seat belts.

It also issued 24 citations for drivers caught speeding on Bliem Road, in an effort prompted by continuing complaints. Other targeted enforcement areas, the chief said, were on East High Street, North Charlotte Street, Industrial Highway, Buchert Road, and Keim Street. Additionally, on U.S. Route 422, officers issued 44 citations covering a variety of offenses.

Related to the Lower Pottsgrove Board of Commissioners’ June 8 meeting:

Photo from the Lower Pottsgrove Police Department via Facebook

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