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Mother Nature Rattles Windows, Then Smiles

CONTRASTING VIEWS OF THE WEATHER – Depending on where they were located Friday (July 7, 2017) between 7:30 and 8:30 p.m., travelers along U.S. Route 422 might have encountered markedly different views of Mother Nature’s fury and beauty as strong thunderstorms hit the area. The picture on the left (at top) was a scene-outside-the-windshield in a car on 422 near Collegeville, containing photographer Karin Schweier. It seems ominous, but Schweier described it on the 422 Sucks Facebook page as “just beautiful.” Slightly later, as a vehicle containing photographer Danielle Seibert rolled east down 422 in Amity, she took the right-side picture of a rainbow appearing over nearby dump trucks. You never know where that pot of gold may be hidden.

Schweier and Seibert photos from 422 Sucks via Facebook

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