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That Ringing Sound You Hear Is In The Rocks

By ScienceLine
For The Post Publications

LOWER POTTSGROVE PA – Across Eastern Pennsylvania and western New Jersey lie unique bolder fields: The rocks ring like bells when struck with a hammer. And one of the fields can be found just outside the home of the aptly named Ringing Hill Fire Company on White Pine Lane.

No matter where they’re located, the rocks are immensely popular as a tourist attraction. The question of why the rocks ring, however, has been largely abandoned by scientists. Only rudimentary answers appear in an obscure 1970 publication by a Rutgers University researcher who barely left a digital trace.

So correspondents Harrison Tasoff and Marissa Shieh recently traveled from New York to the ringing rocks behind the firehouse, and were joined there by geologist Lawrence Malinconico of Lafayette College and composer Joseph Bertolozzi. Their job: to experience, and explain, why the rocks ring in a video produced for ScienceLine.

ScienceLine is a student-run online magazine published by the Science, Health and Environmental Reporting Program in the Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute at New York University.

Photo from ScienceLine

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