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422 Mystery Driver: He’s Known, Being Sought

LIMERICK PA – The mystery driver who on July 12 (2017; Wednesday) is alleged to have wrapped a late-model black BMW sedan around a tree off the shoulder of U.S. Route 422 West across from the Philadelphia Premium Outlets, then seemingly disappeared without a trace, is no longer as mysterious. His disappearing act, though, is a solid one. He’s still being sought for questioning in the unreported accident, a Pennsylvania State Police spokesman said.

Authorities have a good idea who the subject is, according to Trooper Dean Wright, community service officer at the State Police Troop K barracks in Skippack PA. They’ve spotted him in video surveillance footage, and have tentatively identified him. They know who owns the car, too: a Trappe area resident whose name has not yet been released, and whom troopers suspect also was the operator, Wright added Tuesday (July 25).

The man in question hasn’t been at his home in awhile, Wright said, so he remains the subject of a search. That also means he has not yet been interviewed by troopers, Wright confirmed, and no charges have been brought or arrests made despite rampant speculation to the contrary on social media outlets. The investigation is continuing.

The crash itself has tantalized the public ever since a passer-by on 422 found its wreckage and notified the Limerick Police Department. Officers arrived and spent hours at the scene, along with other first responders, emergency vehicles, and a tow truck. Limerick turned the probe over to the state. After on-site forensics were completed, the tow truck lifted the crushed BMW out (at top right) and hauled it away.

There were no bodies found in or near the car, but the folded look of the vehicle made many wonder how the driver and passengers, if there were any, made it out alive.

Troopers currently believe only one person, the driver, was involved. Amazingly, evidence suggests Mystery Man walked away.

He apparently didn’t walk far; just to the Turkey Hill convenience store at 3051 E. High St., on the north side of the 422 interchange at Sanatoga. “It was the only place open late at night where he might have gone,” Wright said troopers reasoned.

Sure enough, the subject showed up there on the store’s video cameras, disheveled and with “visible marks that looked like he’d been though something,” Wright added. The troopers have his photo image as a result, and already compared it to what they know about the car’s owner. The resemblance is “close,” he said.

The subject is seen in the video phoning someone while on the store grounds, according to Wright. A short time later a car arrived at the store, picked him up there, and drove away.

Wright indicated troopers believe he’ll be back.

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