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Township Oiled-And-Chipped 3 Roads Thursday

SIGN’S OBSCURED, BUT CHIPS ARE EVIDENT – As indicated by an orange sign somewhat obscured by bushes, portions of three Lower Pottsgrove highways – Pruss Hill Road (at top), Romig Road, and Sunnyside Avenue – received oil-and-stone-chip coatings Thursday (July 27, 2017), township Manager Ed Wagner said. The applications help extend road life, and all three were completed within the day, he added. The road work is paid for with liquid fuels tax money distributed by the state. This year Lower Pottsgrove received $3,800 more in liquid fuel tax revenues than it expected.

Township Oiled-And-Chipped 3 Roads Thursday

And, as the next set of signs on Pruss Hill Road state, line painting (if any) on the roadway will wait until the chips are embedded and the road dust settles.

Photos by The Post Publications

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