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Pottsgrove Approves Coaches, Activity Leaders

LOWER POTTSGROVE PA – In anticipation of school openings and the start of fall sports, the Pottsgrove Board of School Directors approved supplemental appointments and payments last Tuesday (Aug. 22, 2017) for 41 individuals who have agreed to serve as coaches and activity leaders. The total cost exceeded $165,000, with individual payments ranging from a low of $1,607 to a high of $8,332 depending on a variety of factors.

The list of appointees – identified by position, first and last name, and supplemental payment amount – appears below. Asterisks indicate those individuals who are not school faculty members, according to the district.

  • Cheerleading Head MS F, Amanda Koch, $2,618.88;
  • Cheerleading Head HS F, Alicia Harris*, $4,404.48;
  • Cheerleading HS F Asst, Ann Nugent*, $2,380.80;
  • Cross Country MS, Steve Noone*, $2,737.92;
  • Cross Country Asst HS, Marilyn Eaton, $4,642.56;
  • Cross Country Head HS All, Larry Rechtin, $6,309.12;
  • Football Asst 7th M, Michael Mayes*, $2,856.96;
  • Football Asst 8th M, Thomas Bailey, $2,976.00;
  • Football Asst 9th M, Joseph Vecchio*, $3,333.12;
  • Football Asst HS M, Josh Ford*, $5,475.84;
  • Football Asst HS M, William Hawthorne, $5,475.84;
  • Football Asst HS M, William Bradford*, $5,475.84;
  • Football Asst HS M, Eric Engstrom, $5,475.84;
  • Football Asst HS M, James Algeo, $5,475.84;
  • Football Head 8th M, Kenneth Ivory*, $3,214.08;
  • Football Head 9th M, Cody Robbins*, $3,690.24;
  • Football Head HS M, Richard Pennypacker, $8,332.80;
  • Golf Head HS All, Don Petrella, $4,285.44;
  • Golf Asst HS All, Rich Burke*, $3,571.20;
  • Hockey Asst HS F, Jessica Norris, $4,999.68;
  • Hockey Asst HS F, Julie Davis, $4,999.68;
  • Hockey Head Grade 8, Natalya Nodolski*, $2,976.00;
  • Hockey Asst Grade 7, Sydney Coleman*, $2,856.96;
  • Hockey Head HS F, Jodi Sproule, $6,071.04;
  • Soccer Asst HS F, Mike Brendlinger*, $4,999.68;
  • Soccer Asst HS F, Kelly Reilly, $4,999.68;
  • Soccer Asst HS M, Kevin Grimm*, $4,999.68;
  • Soccer Asst HS M, Jay Erb*, $4,999.68;
  • Soccer Asst MS M (7th), Hannah Steffenino*, $2,856.96;
  • Soccer Asst MS F (7th), Alexandre Kriebel, $2,856.96;
  • Soccer Head HS F, Steve Mellor, $6,071.04;
  • Soccer Head HS M, Jay Witkowski, $6,071.04;
  • Soccer Head MS F (8th),Theresa Kegel, $2,976.00;
  • Tennis Head HS F, Constantine Tellis*, $4,404.48;
  • Tennis Asst. HS F, Gloria Fritz, $3690.24;
  • Volleyball Head HS F, Jaime Reinhart, $6,071.04;
  • Volleyball Asst. HS F, Jon Veser, $4,999.68;
  • Band Percussion HS (split), Kathy Williams*, $1607.04;
  • Band Percussion HS (split), Jamal Reddick*, $1607.04;
  • Band Front HS (split), Riley Davenport*, $1607.04; and
  • Band Front HS (split), Nicholas Hill*, $1607.07.

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